switching to hugo

In a recent post, I wrote about how it's time to ditch Wordpress. Here are a few of my reasons for switching to Hugo.

  • creating content is made easier by using Markdown
  • content is edited locally using any text editor (my weapon of choice is Visual Studio Code - no more laggy online editing, yay!)
  • Hugo's built-in web server lets you preview your site and updates the preview dynamically as you edit content
  • the static pages generated by Hugo can be hosted pretty much anywhere and should load very quickly
  • there's no back-end database to manage
  • a wide selection of themes are available
  • I control the content and what appears on the site, so no adverts or other stuff that might slow things down
  • and so much more...

My new site just went live today and using Hugo has re-engaged me with the development process. Following their documentation got me started quickly and making the switch has been straight forward.

So thumbs up and a recommendation that you look at Hugo (or maybe another site generator) if you want to take back control of your own web development process.

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