first light

This is my first post to Listed, so its as much about me trying the system out as anything else. Hopefully, future posts will be more interesting (and maybe even entertaining).

I switched to using Standard Notes a month or two ago. I've been really impressed by how easy it is to use across different devices, the features available, and also by the level of security provided. So, many thumbs up there.

Then, whilst finding out about extensions, I happened upon Listed and had a bit of a lightbulb moment! Mmm, this looks useful, I thought.

I'm redesigning my website and was looking for a nice simple blogging component that I could attach to it. And, lo, there was Listed. A little while later, there was a custom domain for my Listed blog - yay!

Now I just need to finish my website redesign and link the two together. More on which later.

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