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Just a guy who likes making music, taking photos and writing stuff down. I also do IT stuff for a living. So hopefully there are rich seams to mine for this blog. Pop over to my main website to check out the music, photos (eventually) and other writings.


"The United States has for decades been trying to prove that you can buy your way to happiness, but I think they’re losing that argument. Happy people don’t stockpile weapons."

Dan Piraro

audio equation #1

Schiit Magni 3 + Schiit Modi 3 + Sennheiser HD 600 = Aural Delight

switching to hugo

In a recent post, I wrote about how it's time to ditch Wordpress. Here are a few of my reasons for switching to Hugo.

  • creating content is made easier by using Markdown
  • content is edited locally using any text editor (my weapon of choice is Visual Studio Code - no more laggy online editing, yay!)
  • Hugo's built-in web server lets you preview your site and updates the preview dynamically as you edit content
  • the static pages generated by Hugo can be hosted pretty much anywhere and should load very quickly
  • there's no back-end database to manage
  • a wide selection of themes are available
  • I control the content and what appears on the site, so no adverts or other stuff that might slow things down
  • and so much more...

My new site just went live today and using Hugo has re-engaged me with the development process. Following their documentation got me started quickly and making the switch has been straight forward.

So thumbs up and a recommendation that you look at Hugo (or maybe another site generator) if you want to take back control of your own web development process.


Got myself one of these Kobo Clara HD eReaders a wee while back.

Very impressed. Much better to read on than a mobile phone. More portable than a tablet. Lots of eBooks available from Kobo. But I can also read eBooks from Google and Amazon on it. So that's great if you don't want to be tied to a particular ecosystem. There's also the option to borrow books from your local library using OverDrive.

Screen very crisp and clear with a good resolution. Love the backlight for late night reading or dimly lit rooms.

The downside? Well, that's a perspective thing. It's such an engaging medium for reading that I find myself reading more and later at night. An excellent way to expand horizons but not so much for getting a good night's sleep.

ditching wordpress

Once upon a time, so the story goes, I kept a blog on Blogger. The time came for something better, so I moved my blog to WordPress. Things were good for a time. They were so good that one blog begat a second and then a third. I even added a fourth, self-hosted site.

Then my urge to blog waned.

When the urge returned, I went back to my WordPress hosted sites to find them strewn with adverts. And they seemed to be much slower to load than I remembered. Behind the scenes, there were more configuration options and themes than you could shake a forest of sticks at. Changing theme had become a trial. Writing posts with the online editor was slow, despite the interface now looking very slick indeed. I really didn't like what I found.

The same had become true of my self-hosted site. Well, minus the plethora of adverts.

My thoughts turned to finding something simpler. But what?

I didn't have an answer. But I knew it was time to ditch WordPress.

first light

This is my first post to Listed, so its as much about me trying the system out as anything else. Hopefully, future posts will be more interesting (and maybe even entertaining).

I switched to using Standard Notes a month or two ago. I've been really impressed by how easy it is to use across different devices, the features available, and also by the level of security provided. So, many thumbs up there.

Then, whilst finding out about extensions, I happened upon Listed and had a bit of a lightbulb moment! Mmm, this looks useful, I thought.

I'm redesigning my website and was looking for a nice simple blogging component that I could attach to it. And, lo, there was Listed. A little while later, there was a custom domain for my Listed blog - yay!

Now I just need to finish my website redesign and link the two together. More on which later.